The giant Colossus is available in many sizes up to 200,000L.Colossus picture
With the heat-recovery and considerably larger Biomass
installations underway the demand for much larger tanks has
increased considerably.

Colossus is now an increasingly popular
model choice. This is perhaps due to the growing market
share of boilers greater than 500kw. GALÚ Colossus has
superior heat retention capabilities, especially due to the
fact that customers can specify u-value requirements.
Pre-insulated and pre-finished, Colossus minimises on site
works. This has proven a large benefit to many customers
due to speed of installation and little additional site works
(insulating and cladding like other suppliers). Tanks <10,000L have our mini-rib profile sheet making it even more robust. Colossus comes with multiple lifting points for offloading and handling. These points are all easily removable once the installation has been completed. A standard being a 3bar working pressure plant room model and 6bar external models are also available, Colossus is truly a big flexible giant.

Collosus picture on truckCollosus dimensions

Collosus options