GALÚ Accumulator Tanks are designed to optimise the production, storage and distribution of energy

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Water has excellent heat retention capabilities therefore the choice of hot water tank is crucial to maximise the energy saving potential.

Installing a GALÚ accumulator tank will significantly increase the efficiency of the heating system and as a result reduce energy costs and minimise harmful emissions. The tank operates independently of the heating system and can work alongside any range of heat sources including: oil, gas, electricity, solar, biomass, heat pumps etc or any combination of these.

A GALÚ buffer tank is ideal for modern living, as it preserves the energy accumulated until it is required.

A GALÚ accumulator tank produces consistent warmth to your home, hot water on demand and is designed to reduce fuel costs and therefore limit harmful emissions.

GALÚ produces a large range of tanks from 250 litres to 200,000 litres as standard and can be made to order to suit any range of installation variables. GALÚ also manufactures tanks for renovation projects specific to the customers’ requirements.

GALÚ design and manufacture accumulator tanks for the global market. Galú has invested heavily in a new state of the art purpose built factory and production plant. GALÚ can produce both standard and bespoke models on the same production line. This enables GALÚ to deliver bespoke tanks, designed and sized to customers requirements cost effectively and with shorter lead times.

Take a tour at Galú’s production line and how we manufacture and design our innovative high spec accumulator tanks!