Our thermometer has been made specifically for the Galu tank. The stem is flexible ensuring accurate placement for most accurate reading. The stem is 6mm diameter enabling a remote sensor (pt1000 for example) to also share the same dry-pocket in the accumulator tank.

Brass or copper bulb              Ø6 mm
Copper capillary                       1500 mm PVC coated
Body material                            Black plastic
Frame                                            Plastic (black, white or chrome) or stainless steel
Fixing                                             Self-locking clips
Temperature range                0 + 120 ° C
Clock face                                   White with black lettering

Maximum body tolerance          150 ° C
Diameter of the stem                   Ø9 mm
Length of the stem                        100mm
Reading field                                     120 ° C
Body material                                   Galvanized steel
Frame                                                   Chromed steel
Clock face                                          Anodized with black numbers
Body diameter                                 Ø80 mm

This thermometer also comes with the following accessories:

Tube diameters          10.5×12 mm
L. total                              100 mm
Material                          Brass / Copper
Welding                           Silver



Spring coops Ø9