Galú Classic

Biomass is the most common use for our Galú Classic

The GALÚ Classic Accumulator Tank, facilitates the distribution of energy to a heating system and can provide domestic hot water. With biomass the best efficiency is acquired by heating at high temperatures to get all components of the wood burnt. The GALÚ accumulator tank enables biomass boilers to reach their highest levels of efficiency.

The GALÚ tank can be supplied with coils or blank hatches. Enabling the retrofit of domestic hot water or solar coils for example at a later date.

Each GALÚ tank is wrapped in a layer of polyurethane insulation in excess of 100mm thick. This guarantees maximum retention of the energy produced from all heat sources. Energy can be stored for days, even weeks with minimum heat loss.

Why Biomass?

Significant fuel cost savings, access to generous government incentives and major cuts in their carbon footprint make biomass technology an excellent energy option for an increasing number of businesses.


For custom sizes and designs please visit our Galú Bespoke page where we explain how we will always be able to make a product to suit your needs.