Heat Exchange Coils

Domestic hot water coils

Galú use finned copper coils for the production of domestic hot water . Finned copper dramatically increases the surface area of the coil giving better heat transfer capabilities. Galu have performed many laboratory tests to optimise coil thickness, fin height, fin spacing as well as inner wall surface structure.

Using coils inside the accumulator to produce domestic hot water means an additional separate  hot water tank is not required. The size (diameter and length) of the coils will depend on the hot water requirement within the building along with the temperature at which the tank will be stored . Depending on the accumulator model the coils can be placed either horizontally or vertically. In the Classic models the coils are installed through hatches in the tank enabling them to be removable. This also allows upgrading/retrofitting of coils.

Solar coils
Solar coils are made from finned copper. The coils are 22mm diameter for standard installation order to minimise pressure loss in order to consume less circulating pump energy.  The coils are generally oversized in order to obtain the greatest differential temperature, thus optimising energy gain.  Large bespoke solar coils can be installed for larger commercial applications.