Thermo-Differential Valve



Introducing the Thermo-Differential Valve

The Thermo-Differential Valve by Conico Valve Technology is a unique self-actuating 3-way switching valve that presents a very effective, reliable and economic method of enhancing thethermal layering (stratification) in thermal storage systems with variable input temperatures (e.g. solar thermal), or multiple input temperatures (e.g. space heating & domestic hot water combi-systems), thereby boosting their performance and thermal efficiency. The Thermo-Differential Valve is installed directly on the storage tank inlet and uses an extremely reliable switching mechanism to direct the flow to different levels in a storage tank, based on the temperature difference between the water flow through the valve and the water inside the storage tank

Working Principle

The self-actuating technology (patent pending) of the actuator is based on mass-transfer inside the actuator, driven by vapor pressure differences, in response to one part of the actuator becoming warmer than the other, which makes it completely independent of the actual temperature of the water; it responds purely to temperature difference. As the liquid inside the actuator flows from the warmer section to the cooler section, there is a change in the buoyancy of the section that protrudes into the storage tank changes, which acts as a float when it is filled with vapor, but sinks when it is filled with liquid. This change in buoyancy of the float is what actuates the valve (with the buoyancy force amplified through leverage)

Please take a look at the data-sheet via the link below to see the valve working principle in more detail

Galu TDV Datasheet 2015