Efficiency is necessary in todays world and a GALÚ accumulator tank makes your heating
system the best it can be.

Installing a GALÚ accumulator tank will ultimately reduce energy costs and minimise harmful emissions. The tank operates independently from the heating system and can work alongside any range of heat sources including: oil, gas, electricity, solar, biomass, heat pumps etc. or a combination of these.

GALÚ products are ideal for modern living:
  • Reduces energy usage and costs
  • Minimises harmful emissions
  • It preserves heat energy until required
  • It creates a consistent and stable supply of heat

GALÚ produces a large range of tanks from 300 litres to 200,000 litres. Tanks can be made bespoke to suit any range of installation variables.

We design and manufacture accumulator tanks for the global market. After investing heavily in a purpose-built factory and production plant, Galú can produce both standard and bespoke builds on the same production line. This enables us to deliver bespoke tanks, designed and sized to customers’ requirements. This ensures cost efficiency with the best lead times.