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  1. Galu biomass tank


    Take a look at a recent installation of a Galu Biomass tank, the tank was installed with 3MW Heizomat Biomass Boilers and Dryers. This energy option has opened up additional income streams for the business and increased its green credentials. It is expected that the firm may see fuel savings of up to £105,369 and the project has an expected payback period of just 3.6 years.


    Other benefits the project has offered the company are:

    Guarantees additional revenue for 20 years.

    Offers multiple fuel options including Wood Chip, Pellets, Shavings, Sawdust and Rape Straw.

    Cuts firm’s carbon footprint and enhances green credentials.

    Reduces the reliance on oil significantly.


    For more information on the Galu Biomass tank builds and how it could suit your business please contact us at:

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    • Phone: 0872361212


  2. Grab A Tour of Galu Ltd

    Take a look around our factory with our HD demonstration video below, here you can see the process from how we develop the tank right through to the finishing touches. If you have any questions on how these tanks can benefit you feel free to Contact us through our page or at There is also more information on our products page for example you can read about
    our Galu Classic model Here.


  3. COLOSSUS (up to 200,000L)

    Galu Colossus Continues To Grow

    Galú can still boast the Colossus design into our range of accumulator tanks. These tanks ranging from 10,000 to 200,000 liters has grown to be one of our most popular products. The Colossus brings together the bespoke design aspects as well as the high liter capabilities for the bigger output requirements. This build boasts a unique shipping frame to ensure space saving packaging and damage resistance during transport. We have numerous additions available to suit the build all of which can be found on our page Galu Colossus. Feel free to contact us from the Contact us page on the website or at for more information or any questions you may have.




  4. Galu Launch Thermo-Differential Valve at Ecobuild










    The valve technology attracted plenty of attention.  The valves were on the Galú main stand as well as being displayed at Ecobuild’s “Innovation Forum” as one of the most innovative new products of the fair, and the feedback from visitors to the Galu stand was overwhelmingly positive.

  5. Ecobuild 2015…. Energyshow 2015

    Galu have just recently returned from another two successful energy efficiency shows.  Accumulator tanks are now widely accepted as an important part of every heating system in order to optimise energy usage. Our new thermo-differential valve was received by the market with great interest. Often with queues forming to listen in on the mechanics of its operation.

    Galu had accumulator tanks on multiple stands at ecobuild this year , including within the Innovation area.

    Ecobuild 2015 3 Ecobuild 2015 2 Ecobuild 2015